The Space Station Bakeshop Captain’s Log

Charleston Day 1

Today we drove down to Charleston, SC for a much needed vacation (the month of March has beaten us up). This is Ariel’s first trip here (we aren’t counting spring 1995) and our first in about 12 years. Our room at the Harbor View Inn overlooks the Cooper River. If we look to the left out of our window we can see the bridge over the Cooper River, and if we look through a break in the magnolia trees to the right we can see Fort Sumpter. We did a little walking around town (we saw dolphins and a bald eagle in Waterfront Park), then came back to the hotel for wine and cheese and hot chocolate. Ariel was craving some Italian for dinner, so we went to Bocci’s (our favorite Italian restaurant in town) for dinner where we laughed and groaned over each other’s jokes.

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