The Space Station Bakeshop Captain’s Log

Comicon – Final Post

Things I Don’t Wanna Forget

Unicorn Pegasus Kitten.
Stan Lee is his biggest fan.
And by you I mean me.
James Marsters saying “hey” to Ariel.
Shaking Genie Francis’ hand while she was sitting beside Jonathan Frakes.
Riding the elevator down from the 6th floor with Wil Wheaton (with about 10 other guests).
Seeing Felicia Day sitting in the lobby of the hotel.
Tony Stark should NOT carry his own batteries…or pocket change.
Preemptively asking for forgiveness is not the same as asking for permission -Wheaton.
The two little boys who wanted their picture taken with Tony Stark.
Vader and Wash. touched her (Felicia Day) waist???
Teenage Mutant Ninja Dr. Horrible Turtles drowning each other.
Starbucks breakfast on the sun deck.
TSF at The Matador.
Phoenix CactusCon-Stan Lee
Camelback Mountain
Vampire Parrothead

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