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Phoenix Comicon, Day 3

Today has been Stan “The Man” Lee Day for us. Kevin had previously bought an Iron Man original movie poster to bring for Stan Lee to sign. Ariel and I looked for Spiderman and Ironman figurines to get signed, but we couldn’t find ones in the 12-14″ range. Ariel did talk to someone at a comic book booth and bought an Ironman comic (I found 2 Serenity comics there) and I bought the “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart” collectable. We lined up around 11:30 a.m. and finally made our way up to Stan Lee at 1:10 (he had to stop signing at 1:30). I really thought he would be moving people through as quickly as possible, but there was a sense of calm surrounding him. I gave him the plastic case I wanted signed and he asked
“What do you want me to do with this?”.
“Umm sign it, it’s for my Ironman heart.”.
“You want me to sign it here?” (he points to the middle of the case).
“Yes please” – but in my mind I was thinking “You’re Stan Lee! You can sign anywhere you want!”

After a quick lunch we did another divide and conquer. Kevin and I went to a Stan Lee Spotlight while Ariel attended a Voice Actor Panel. We met back up for the Super Happy Fun Hour with John (Scalzi) and Wil (Wheaton).

Speaking of Wil Wheaton – he rode down the elevator with us last night (the car was crowded so it wasn’t just us and the Geekest Guy on the Internet). This morning Ariel spotted Felicia Day in the hotel lobby eating a bagel. We were good and did not stalk her ala Captain Hammer groupies.

Anyway, John Scalzi wrote the other book I wanted for my Gabe/airplane bag so I bought that and had it signed. He mentioned something about coming out to Phoenix in what he signed – a really nice detail.

We reluctantly left the convention center for the last time, said good-bye to our friends Darth Vader and Wash, then headed up to Glendale for a Margaritaville Restaurant. This was our first in-land M’ville, though the map painted in the ceiling had Glendale by the Pacific.

We are now thoroughly tired, but inspired and ready for our next con (whenever that may be).

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  • 1 Anne yazmış:

    I read John Scalzi’s blog so I’ve been keeping up with the news from the con. I’m very amused by the fanfic contest he and Wil Wheaton have arranged.

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