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Ireland – Day 8 – Limerick

Today we left Kilkenny and headed toward Limerick. The Rock if Cashel was on the way, and was also a site that was covered by our Heritage cards (a card that covers admission to many of Ireland’s historical sites). We didn’t feel like much touring, but I’m glad we went in and had a look [...]

Ireland – Day 7 – Kilkenny Reprise

We were supposed to head to Doolin today, but either food poisoning or a stomach bug hit the family in the night and we stayed in Kilkenny for another day. Actually Kevin and Ari didn’t leave the hotel room all day, and we all napped for most of the day. The view from our room [...]

Ireland – Day 6 – Waterford and Kilkenny

Today we left the Jury’s Inn in Cork and drove to Waterford. They are no longer doing the factory tour (boo) but the visitor’s center/gift shop is open. I finally bought the salt and pepper shakers that I agonized over on my honeymoon 20 years ago. From Waterford we drove to Kilkenny, home [...]

Ireland – Day 5 – Blarney Castle

This morning we headed out to Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. What fun! We all leaned way back, held the rails, and lowered ourselves down to kiss the stone. Afterwards we walked around the grounds, then hit the gift shop. After Blarney Castle, we drove to Midleton to the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. [...]

Ireland – Day 4 – Cork

Today we headed to Cork and stopped at Ross Castle along the way. This 15th century castle is situated on a beautiful lake where swans come up asking for a hand out. This castle was neat because it contains furniture dating to the 16 th and 17th centuries, so you could imagine how the interiors [...]

Ireland – Day 3 – Dingle Peninsula

Today we left the Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis and headed to the Dingle Peninsula. Our first stop was in Adare where we took a tour of the Adare Castle (see pic below). I loved the open area where the Yew tree grows. In Adare we stopped at a grocery store where we went up [...]

Ireland – Day 2 – Bunratty Castle

We had a slow start today (we didn’t even make it down in time for breakfast at the hotel) but had a good day anyway. We tried to find Dromore Wood, but couldn’t find signs to it. We did stop at a map by the side of the road and found these friendly donkeys. We [...]

Ireland – Day 1 – Ennis

Our plane made its approach into Shannon this morning as the sun rose and the summer solstice occurred. I’m not too crazy about over night flights. Luckily we were able to get our cute little car (a Nissan Note) and head to our hotel in Ennis. After an early morning walk around [...]