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Housecleaning 101

I know this is a weird topic for a post, but at times I have found that it would be nice to have my housecleaning routine written down for Kevin or someone else to reference. I spent several years as an active reader of and many of my routines come directly from there.
I [...]

Shin & Guinness Nite

We are planning a trip to Ireland for our 20th anniversary this summer, so we have started a tradition of listening to a podcast at dinner, The Irish Fireside, where you are encouraged to pour yourself a drink, sit back, and relax. Corey and Liam from the Irish Fireside have great travel trips, [...]


The forecasts started coming in yesterday that we were supposed to get snow – 3″-5″ inches of snow.  We dutifully slept with spoons under our pillows (this is supposed to increase your chances of getting snow) and woke up today to a nice dusting.  Luckily, the snow was still coming down, so after our first [...]

New Year’s Eve 2008

Last night the Gunnerill compound rang in the new year in typical Gunnerill fashion – we ate good food & played ferocious dominos.  Susan from down the street joined us and became very adept at the pre-game domino stealing ritual.
Since we were getting together around 8:00, we decided to have just nibblies instead of a [...]