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A Walk in the Woods

Today it hit around 60 degrees, so Kevin and I decided to take Cali and Cassey for a walk in the woods.  (Ari and Katie went shopping).  We are lucky that the Horace Williams tract is just a neighborhood away (though we did drive to a place where we could cross Bolin Creek easily).
Along the [...]

Nacho Bowl 2008

Yesterday UNC played in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in the Bank of America Staduim in Charlotte (or as Kevin and I like to think of it, the Tarheel Bowl in the Charlotte Stadium).  We dubbed this the Nacho Bowl;  Kevin made nachos and Ari made guac.  We were very happy to find the game [...]

Chocolate Martini

Judy gave Katie the ingredients for a new Gunnerill Compound favorite: The Chocolate Martini. Yum-O!
2 parts Chocolate Vodka
2 parts Baileys Irish Creme
Some Kahlua
Make it shaken, not stirred (we just saw the new Bond film, Quantim of Solace).
Add Marichino Cherry and enjoy in front of the Christmas tree.

Bought it for a Pound Note

On our trip to England last year, we found a used book store in Brighton and I popped in to find a British cookery book. When we were walking back to the register, we saw a cardboard box on the floor with maps in it. I had hoped to find an antique map in England, [...]

Girl’s Night Out

Last night Katie and I had Girl’s Night Out and went to hear Harry Connick Jr. at the new Durham Performing Arts Center. Everyone was decked out in festive clothing (mostly red and black) and we were all ready for an evening filled with holiday music. At precisely 7:30 the curtain came up and [...]

Everyone Loves A Parade…Except Cali

We had the holiday parade today and Cali and Cassey were in attendance.  Cassey made friends with my co-workers children, and seemed protective of them when the cub-scout bear from the parade came over and gave one of them a hug.  That bear is just lucky it moved on.  Cassey got a Cheesie Bites treat [...]

Books 2008

Books read in 2008
The Road to Chapel Hill (Joanna Catherine Scott) Fiction
Treasure Box (Orson Scott Card) Fiction
Self-Made Man (Norah Vincent) Non-Fiction
Playing For Pizza (John Grisham) Fiction
On The Road (Jack Kerouac) Fiction
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky) Fiction
In Persuasion Nation (George Saunders) Fiction
Farewell Summer (Ray Bradbury) Fiction
Election (Tom Perrotta) Fiction
Good Dog. Stay. [...]

Mr. B.B. King

Last night the Gunnerill Compound attend the B.B. King concert in the Durham Performing Arts Center. Katie has a deep appreciation for the blues and jazz, and I knew this would be a once in a lifetime show. We started out at Kevin’’s favorite Durham Pub, James Joyce. Fortified with Guinness and [...]