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Deer Need Thanksgiving Too

I guess the Deer need Thanksgiving too.

Of course, this brings to mind the phrase “Don”t mess around with Pumpkinhead.

Thanksgiving Day

This year we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving. The combination of new puppy, saving money for a trip to Ireland and needing down time due to stress at work made the choice of staying at home appealing. I really wanted to do a traditional Thanksgiving meal, so Thursday found Ari and myself [...]

233 and still going strong

Kevin brought these to me on Monday…

…and told me they were for our 233 month wedding anniversary.
I love you too Kev!

You can do that???

Friday night was opening night for the movie Twilight and Ari’’s LA teacher miraculously was able to reserve seats for any 8th grader who wanted to go. Kevin made reservations for us at Pazzo so we could drop the girls off at the Lumina Theater and have a date night. I had hoped [...]

Retro Green Goddess Salad

The Times ran an article last week in the NYT Magazine in their Recipe Redux section for a Green Goddess Salad. The first sentence started “Nothing sounds more retro than the Green Goddess salad…”. Well, since we have been into retro this year, I decided we had to try it. The recipe [...]

Rachael Ray Din-Din

Tonight I cooked for the dog. Cali had Rachael Ray’’s November Pet Friendly recipe, Chinese Fake-Out.

(”Whatcha makin” Mom?”)

(Fried rice with carrots & peas with egg. I added some chicken as well.)

(Now that’’s Good Eats as Alton Brown would say.)

Tequila Shot Friday

Tonight’’s Tequila Shot Friday is dedicated to Cap’t Tony.

Election Day

And what does the Gunnerill Compound do…Have a Party.
Dinner tonight was based on the dinner suggestions by Rachael Ray in the November Issue of Rachael Ray magazine.
Appetizers were Blue Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Sour Cream.  Love that Red, White & Blue theme!

The next course was based on Rachael Ray’’s Bipartisian Salad.  Our salad has [...]

Hurricane Bertha!

We are experiencing our first hurricane of the year (Bertha) which has gone all the way to cat 3, and is now back to cat 1 but looking like it will pass by Bermuda.
Tradition in the Gunn household is to drink Hurricanes when a tropical storm goes to hurricane status.
Boo’s Hurricane (Based on the recipe [...]