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Mustangs Invade Dean Dome

Saturday night one of the volleyball moms planned a great evening for the girls.  We met at Subway for dinner before the UNC-Boston College Volleyball game.  After dinner we headed to the Dean Dome (Carmichael is being renovated so Women’’s volleyball and basketball will be played in the Smith Center this year).  The girls were [...]

Presidential Debate #1

I tried to stay awake…

September Saturday

Kevin and I started off the day by walking to the Carrboro Farmer’’s Market with Cali and Cassey.  The teenager even got up and walked in to town with us.

(This isn”t the Seattle Fresh Market, though we do have some nice flowers here.)

(Lovely display of peppers at the market)
Cali received her first bath in the [...]

Melissa’s Kitchen

I am a big fan of Melissa C. Morris ever since I read about her blog in the New York Times.  She has made some recent postings about recipes for a Sidecar Cocktail and Baked Stuffed Tomatoes.  Last weekend I decided I must try these, so here are the results.

The baked stuffed tomatoes were delicious.  [...]

The End of the Jeep Collection

Yesterday I sold my first Jeep, Bonanza Jellybean to our neighbors.  This was the car that I ordered to spec just 2 days before I found our I was pregnant with Ari.  This was the car we brought Ari home from the hospital in, and the one that had juice drops on the ceiling.  I [...]

Oh Happy Day

Today UPS brought a box filled with my La Mer.  Have you ever noticed how UPS always brings you fun stuff?

La Mer is the much touted moisturizing cream that is supposed to be great for your skin.  Kevin gave me a jar as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, then for my (41-st) [...]

Cali’s First Vet Visit

Today we took Cali to the vet today for her first visit at Carrboro Plaza Vet Clinic.  This is the clinic we used for years with Indy, and I think we all needed to go in and see Dr. Snyder with a new puppy in our arms.

Cali had a good time at the vet.  She [...]

Wearing the Red!

I am so happy!!!  And proud!