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Cali’s Second Meal Out – Breakfast with Cassey

There is a place we have been meaning to try.  It used to be Johnny’’s on Main Street here in Carrboro, and I think Johnny’’s was a bait & tackle place.  We always went to Johnny’s for pumpkins in October and Christmas decorations in December.  Cassey and Indy loved stalking Bob the Cat there.  Now [...]

Cali’s First Dinner Out

We dropped Ari off at Culbreth for McDougle Volleyball try-outs (yeah, it’’s a long story) and headed to Armadillo Grill for dinner.  Armadillo Grill was one of Indy’’s favorite places, and we really wanted Cali to enjoy going there.  We initially went to Indy’s favorite table (corner table so he could see everything going on [...]

Oh, Deer

There were 6 deer sauntering through the front yard the other day, nibbling on the grass, bushes, etc.
They don”t even flinch now when a card goes by.

Here is the buck trying to decide if John and Owen across the street were a threat (he decided they weren”t).

A Blog Entry for Kera

For some reason, Kevin said that Kera needed a picture of this, so here it is.  Around 7:00 a.m. this morning Cassey came in to see me to be let out (she sleeps in the bed with Ari when Katie is away).  The first thing I noticed was her colorful nails.

Cassey apparently doesn’t like getting [...]

Welcome to the Family Cali!

Today we went to the Orange County Animal Shelter and picked out Cali (short for Caliban).

(Cali at the pound – a little blurry, but she was excited to be with us).
Here is her web site from the pound.  I don”t know how long this will be up.
She is a hound mix and is about 6 [...]

Back Toward Home – Day 7

Today was our last day of travel, and our last chance to get a Rotier’’s Cheeseburger.  We checked out of “Chateau Wonderful” around 9 a.m. (Central Time) and headed for Nashville.  We arrived at Rotiers at 11:30 and there was no closed sign!  We ordered milkshakes, cheeseburgers and fries (I know, my doctor would not [...]

630 Feet up in the Air – Day 6

Today we left Hannibal after saying goodbye to Katie, Kera, and some random guest that honked and waved goodbye as they were leaving.  Kevin drove us to St. Louis (about 100 miles from Hannibal) where we toured the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (commonly known as the Gateway Arch).

It takes about 4 minutes to get to [...]

Wedding Day

Today is Kera’’s wedding day!  We saw The Future Mrs. Rolsen down at breakfast this morning and Clyde (the office Monkey) was able to get a quick picture with her.

We headed out early this morning and went into downtown Hannibal where we went to the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum.  In the Interpretive Center [...]

Graceland – Day 4

Today we went to Graceland.  We arrived early and we were able to really enjoy the mansion.  I am still amazed about how “normal” many of the things look at Graceland.  Yes, there is the Jungle Room and the pool (table) room covered from floor to ceiling with yards and yards of fabric, but the [...]

Quacking Like Those Peabody Ducks – Day 3

Today we made it to Memphis and checked in to our hotel (Hampton Inn) where we can see Beale Street from our window.  We walked down to see the Mississippi River, then went to a late lunch at Huey’s.
Huey’s is a great restaurant where you can:
(1)    Write on the walls

(Thelma and Louise 8/7/08)
(2)    Share a [...]