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Trip Home

That can”t be good….

Top of the World – Last Night in Seattle

On our last night in Seattle, Kevin had reservations for us at the Sky City Restaurant, the rotating restaurant at the top of the Space Needle.  This was an amazing experience.  We asked to be seated at a window seat, so it took a little longer to get our table, but you get to go [...]

Vancouver & Back to Seattle

Our last day in Vancouver was really nice.  We walked to the Vancouver Aquarium (after a stop at Starbucks for breakfast & coffee).  All of the exhibits were really cool, but the amazing thing was Qila, the beluga whale and her 2 week old baby.  There were a couple of viewing areas where we could [...]

19 Years – Vancouver – Day 6

Today is my 19th anniversary and I AM IN CANADA.  I’m a happy girl.  We had a late start this morning (we are all really tired) and found a Starbucks for breakfast.  We walked down to the water on the Coal Harbor side of Vancouver and as we entered Stanley Park, I found what I [...]