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Books 2009

Last year I kept a log of the books I read during the year.  I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would do it again in 2009.
The Shack (Wm. Paul Young) Fiction
Double Whammy (Carl Hiaasen) Fiction
Scat (Carl Hiaasen) Youth Fiction
The Girl With No Shadow (Joanne Harris) Fiction

Happy Mardi Gras!

With a little help from Balloons and Tunes and Southern Living, we had a fun Mardi Gras celebration. The Zydeco music was already playing in the CD player when Kevin and Ari arrived home this evening.

I saw a recipe in Southern Living for Biscuit Beignets. I just had to try these for Fat [...]

What a Weekend!

What a fun weekend!
Had a Princess and the Pea moment with Cassey:

Went shopping at Ethan Allen in Cary for a sofa…

… to replace the one that Cali ate a few weeks ago.

(Notice Cai being “submissed” int he lower right hand corner of the photo).
Went by Durham’s TechShop, where I expect we will get a family [...]

Housecleaning 101

I know this is a weird topic for a post, but at times I have found that it would be nice to have my housecleaning routine written down for Kevin or someone else to reference. I spent several years as an active reader of and many of my routines come directly from there.
I [...]


The forecasts started coming in yesterday that we were supposed to get snow – 3″-5″ inches of snow.  We dutifully slept with spoons under our pillows (this is supposed to increase your chances of getting snow) and woke up today to a nice dusting.  Luckily, the snow was still coming down, so after our first [...]

New Year’s Eve 2008

Last night the Gunnerill compound rang in the new year in typical Gunnerill fashion – we ate good food & played ferocious dominos.  Susan from down the street joined us and became very adept at the pre-game domino stealing ritual.
Since we were getting together around 8:00, we decided to have just nibblies instead of a [...]