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Happy Mardi Gras!

With a little help from Balloons and Tunes and Southern Living, we had a fun Mardi Gras celebration. The Zydeco music was already playing in the CD player when Kevin and Ari arrived home this evening.

I saw a recipe in Southern Living for Biscuit Beignets. I just had to try these for Fat [...]


The forecasts started coming in yesterday that we were supposed to get snow – 3″-5″ inches of snow.  We dutifully slept with spoons under our pillows (this is supposed to increase your chances of getting snow) and woke up today to a nice dusting.  Luckily, the snow was still coming down, so after our first [...]

Everyone Loves A Parade…Except Cali

We had the holiday parade today and Cali and Cassey were in attendance.  Cassey made friends with my co-workers children, and seemed protective of them when the cub-scout bear from the parade came over and gave one of them a hug.  That bear is just lucky it moved on.  Cassey got a Cheesie Bites treat [...]