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Charleston Day 1

Today we drove down to Charleston, SC for a much needed vacation (the month of March has beaten us up). This is Ariel’s first trip here (we aren’t counting spring 1995) and our first in about 12 years. Our room at the Harbor View Inn overlooks the Cooper River. If we look to the left [...]

Florida – Day 4

This was our last day at Disney, so we finished up with another day at Epcot. The big thrill was Test Track (so double rainbow), but we also really enjoyed the gardening section of The Land. Lunch was yummy food in the Mexico pavilion. And we found a few more hats to model.

Florida – Day 3

Today was Magic Kingdom day! We:
Walked through the Swiss Family Treehouse
Saw a show in The Enchanted Tiki Room
Rode Pirates of the Caribbean
Did the teacups ( not a bright idea right after lunch)
Did the Haunted Mansion (loved it!)
Rode the train to Tomorrowland where we did Space Mountain (it rocked!)
Rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
And finally took [...]

Florida – Day 1

The extended Gunn Clan has headed to Florida for summer vacation.
We drove (following all posted speed limits) down yesterday and spent the night in Titusville. Ariel and I enjoyed a dip in the pool after the long drive. Kevin kept us up giggling into the night by talking like the South Park Sur La Table [...]

Comicon – Final Post

Things I Don’t Wanna Forget
Unicorn Pegasus Kitten.
Stan Lee is his biggest fan.
And by you I mean me.
James Marsters saying “hey” to Ariel.
Shaking Genie Francis’ hand while she was sitting beside Jonathan Frakes.
Riding the elevator down from the 6th floor with Wil Wheaton (with about 10 other guests).
Seeing Felicia Day sitting in the lobby of the [...]

Phoenix Comicon, Day 3

Today has been Stan “The Man” Lee Day for us. Kevin had previously bought an Iron Man original movie poster to bring for Stan Lee to sign. Ariel and I looked for Spiderman and Ironman figurines to get signed, but we couldn’t find ones in the 12-14″ range. Ariel did talk to someone at a [...]

Phoenix Comicon, Day 2

Our morning was spent walking around the Vendor Hall and taking pictures of awesome costumes. Quite a few people wanted pictures of either Kevin/Tony Stark or Ariel/Codex. there were two little kids that were beside themselves to get their picture taken with Tony Stark. We even found an Ironman to take a picture [...]

Phoenix Comicon, Day 1

Finally in Phoenix. We checked into the hotel, changed out of yesterday’s clothes and headed across the street to the convention center to Comicon. We hit the Exhibit Hall and wound our way over to where Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton we signing merch. Wil Wheaton was very cool and remembered Kevin’s [...]

Phoenix (Almost)

After a long day of work (Elizabeth), school (Ariel) and pre-trip errands (Kevin) we headed to the airport to fly to Phoenix for Phoenix Comicon. We were supposed to have a layover in Atlanta, but that turned into an overnight stay since out plane left so late. The Delta agent was helpful in finding us [...]